Dimension 4

Dimension 4

Synchronize the clock of multiple Windows devices
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Synchronize your PC's clock for Windows-based operating systems. Set the time and date for the master unit and detect the connected computers or servers. Manage and transfer the data using the SNTP protocol, quickly adjust and save the relevant parameters on remote machines.

Dimension 4 v5.0.35.0 is a program to keep your PC´s clock synchonized.
Dimension 4 v5.0.35.0 monitors several publicly available time servers using your Internet connection and automatically adjust your PC's clock, if you're online, at an interval specified by you.

The time servers that Dimension 4 uses typically have their very own atomic clocks, or are directly connected to other machines that do. This ensures the maximum exactitude available.

You can add, edit or remove time servers as you like. You can even add comments to a particular server with, for example, which policies do they use, where is it located, who´s the contact person for that server and so on.

You can adjust when and how often will Dimension 4 perform the synchronizations, which time zone will you be using and the maximum correction you allow to be done. The program can start minimized, hide when minimized and display an icon on the tray.

In the Advanced Setting you can specify how will D4 check its online status, how will it run and what messages should show to you.

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